This is one of the most popular applications of Sharaan Infosystems. This is for Jewellers and Consumer durable / white goods resellers for managing all the activities of their Savings Scheme or Chit system. This is integrated with our PoS application and can easily be integrated with any other PoS / Financial Accounting system. The features offered by this application are quite enormous. It provides for features like passbook printing, Photo ID card printing, web access to customers, web based payments etc. “Vrudhi” provides for access to members’ accounts of different branches thus allowing flexibility in accepting installment payment or chit closure of members across the organization. This application is now widely used by both Jewellers and consumer durable goods resellers. Combined with the another of our flagship software “Vrudhi on Mobile”, “Vrudhi” will enhance the sales volume and customer base of the organisation. For Jewellers, “Vrudhi” can handle both fixed monthly installment amount and fixed monthly gold weight (variable installment amount). Accordingly, it accumulates either rupees or gold weight to the Savings accounts of the account holder.


This is the new age add-on module for any saving schemes or Chit systems. By default, “Vrudhi on Mobile” is integrated with our flagship product “Vrudhi”. However, “Vrudhi on Mobile” can be integrated with any 3rd party Saving Scheme systems. Vrudhi on mobile is currently available for any Android device either mobile or tablet.

Installment collection Module The application downloads the relevant chit data from the Saving scheme application database into phone’s memory when server connectivity is available. The field installment collector would carry this mobile to the field and there he can collect the installments offline. With the handy portable mobile printer, he would issue the receipt. Internet connectivity is not required for this activity.

New Member Enrolment Module Optionally, field collector can even enroll new members. With the mobile’s built-in camera, the member’s photograph and Id proof documents can be captured. For this function also, internet connectivity is not required. Many leading banks are using this process of opening new accounts in the field.

Synchronisation Module When the server connectivity is available, the data synchronisation between the server and the mobile can be done. During the synchronisation process, transactions done in the field are uploaded to the Server and relevant new master details are downloaded to the mobile. The synchronisation engine is smart enough to optimise the data transfer between the server and the mobile.

Some of the main feature includes:

  • Internet connectivity and electrical power is not required for the customer transactions
  • SMS based controls are built to the system against either deliberate or inadvertent loss of data or mobile
  • Easy to use by the field staff
  • Summary statements are available on mobile for control check.
  • Even low end Android mobiles can be used for this operation. The application is compact and the data is optimised for the low end mobiles