A trendy tool for the jewellery Manufactures, Wholesalers and Retailers to showcase elegant designs

Digicat is the digital / electronic catalogue application for trading enterprises in this electronic era.Though this electronic Catalogue is initially designed for the Jewellery retailers and wholesalers, it is being used as a e-catalogue by multiple industry verticals.

This application is used on tablet PCs and smart phones. Unlike the printed catalogues, this application can store lakhs of designs with all their attributes like gross weight, stone weight, stock, expected available date (if not in stock) etc. The DigiCat data is real time perfect.

It’s database is centrally, single point administered with complete control over the transactions across the globe. This has integrated rich features like automated process flow (like estimation approval), shopping cart, barcode tracking etc.

Since this can be linked to the Manufacturing ERP or Retail PoS applications, any design which gets into such ERP/PoS database is instantly available on the DigiCat. So, one need not reprint the costly conventional catalogues for adding new designs or for removing obsolete designs. Transactions like order bookings, estimations can be done from DigiCat application.

Soft copy brochures in PDF format can be generated from the DigiCat database for digital distribution like email campaigns etc. Customers can also be allowed to browse the DigiCat from their smart phones inside the outlet’s Wi-fi network and can select a design. DigiCat helps to generate more order bookings by showcasing even the no-stock item designs in retail outlets. DigiCat is very compact to carry and showcase. It reflects the technical superiority of the enterprise resulting in enhanced customer goodwill.

How it works ?


  • Highly useful for B2B (Manufacturers / Wholesalers) and B2C (Retail) business activities
  • Compact to carry and showcase
  • Access from Tablet PCs and Smart phones
  • Saves marketing effort and cost
  • Avoids risk of physically carrying high value jewellery items to different places
  • Stores thousands of jewellery designs with attributes
  • Easy to add new designs or remove obsolete ones
  • facilitates Order booking and invoice generation
  • facilitates reading of Bar-coded items
  • Technical superiority to earn customer goodwill


Manufacturer creates a new design of jewellery ornament.


The details of the ornament with its image are captured in the computer


Digicat application takes this data from the computer.

Sales people (on the field) synchronise their Mobile / Tablet device with Digicat through internet


ornaments details

The Ornament details with its  image are available on the Mobile / Tablet devices of Sales personnel.Sales personnel showcases this with their customers and collect the orders


Sales personnel (on the field) synchronise the order data with Digicat application using internet or through Wi-fi connection in the office.


Order data is downloaded to Manufacturer’s computer from Digicat Application.